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“Sleep Project” began as a yearly live exhibition which premiered in June 2011. Production company Nostalghia gathered a group of artists from different disciplines and moved them into the Six D.O.G.S. Project Space (Avramiotou 6-8, Monastiraki – Athens, Greece), a store-front art gallery of one of the most exciting multi-cultural space complexes in Athens. The artists took turns living and working in the space for 24 hours each, having complete artistic freedom, building on each other’s work and creating an interactive installation which inhabits the space for a few more days after the completion of the live part of the project. 

The audience was able to visit the gallery at any time and either watch the artists from behind the glass or enter the space and participate in the creative process, depending on the time of day and the nature of the particular artist’s work. 

Gallery visits were free of charge, both during the live part of the project and the final exhibition (installation). In this way, we aimed to make the creation process, the materials, and the artists themselves completely available to a diverse (and often unsuspected) audience, whether their visit was pre-planned or they were just passing through. Thus, the project is characterized by spontaneity and collaboration, leading to an unstrained, true, and active communication between all parties involved.

Since the first presentation in 2011, creative director / curator Tonia Ralli has teamed up with budding theater artists Panos Logothetis & Dimitris Tsaltas to futher this work, creating new interactive exhibits / perfomances / installations, seeking new formats of presenting the artists and the work, at Six D.O.G.S. and / or elsewhere. The team aims to make the work completely accessible to the audience (by charging very small or no entrance fees), as their visitation and participation is essential to this work.

The project also transmits (streams) live online, reaching viewers all over the world.

“Sleep Project” seeks to host and promote both local and international artists, creating a small community, encouraging collaborations within and beyond the project itself, and – most importantly – seeking feedback from all participants, as well as the audience, in order to further research on this type of presentation / display of the artistic process.

Artists who are interested in participating in the project can contact Tonia Ralli (creator & coordinator of the project) at or at (+30) 210 5249903.


Μαριάννα Αθανασιάδου - Αρχιτέκτονας Sleep Project στο 6 D.O.G.S, 8-13/6/2011 16.6.2011 | 06:31 ΕΠΙΜΕΛΕΙΑ: ΔΕΣΠΟΙΝΑ ΤΡΙΒΟΛΗ Πηγή:

Ποιος κοιμάται στο Six D.O.G.S. ;ποιος-κοιμάται-στο-six-dogs


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